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We all NEED Mother Nature

I have written about how a healthy environment leads to healthy living for everyone. I have also written about how important things like Clean Water and an ecosystem that is diverse and full of different species, all interconnected with one another. Including us humans.

This last year I have been very ill on and off and it has caused me alot of time indoors. I thought I could just wing-it and adapt for a bit while I recouped. Write about the critters, birds and environment. Make some new Maps, etc. But I discovered that this kind of adapting is not as easy as it is said.

My whole life, like many of you out there, has been various life adaptations. It is the way of life. All new things are not just easily encompassed into our lives. We must adapt, embrace and adjust to many new things. Some of which we do not choose for ourselves.

I have found the confinement indoors, just barely tolerable. I have adapted to everything that has entered my life, my whole life. But being confined indoors. or should I say, “Not being allowed into the Natural world”, has been almost unbearable.

I now have a completely different understanding of not getting connected with Mother Nature. I used to just think it meant an individual was missing out on some wonderful things by not experiencing the Natural world, critters, wildlife, Trees, flowers, birds, water and the whole thing. But I now see that it is way more then just missing out on those things.

As I have sat at times, for weeks, in the house, I have learned what Nature deprivation is truly all about. It is not just an inconvenience, or something bothersome. It is the total removal of such important input, that I now wonder how those who do not get at least some outdoor experiences can even survive and have a well rounded existence.

Yes……there are those with absolutely NO CHOICE in the matter, and I have and will continue to try and show them what I can, when I can, the beauties, wonders and growth Mother Nature has to offer all of us.

But for those who DO have a CHOICE, and do not use it, I now understand why there are so many problems in today’s world. Without input from the Natural world and Mom, there ends up being a huge hole in ones existence. How do you understand all aspects of what is happening in the world without understanding and experiencing Nature in some way?

I now see that there is a place in each of us that NEEDS to be filled with Natural things of some manner. Maybe something different for each of us, but still that experience is NEEDED by each of us.

GO GET OUTDOORS! ┬áDo it now! It doesn’t matter what it is, just DO IT. Hike, Fish, Bird, Geocache, just sit by the lake. Do It with respect. Do not Conquer anything in Nature. Save that for the Sports field or Race course. DO NOT disrespect MOM. She keeps us all alive in so many different ways. And I now personally understand just how much she is needed in every ones life. A Healthy respected Mother Nature, is a healthy respectful Society. The connection is direct.

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