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I just finished an article on what are the most important things needed for a healthy Planet and lives here in Michigan. It was a very informative research time to do this article. I just did not guess at what I personally thought should be done to have a better Michigan and Planet. I dug pretty deep, read quite a bit of Scientific studies and compared notes from many learned people who deal with these things on a daily basis.

A repeating fact kept ringing through my research. INTERCONNECTIVITY. The fact that Everything is interconnected in some way or another. Most of the Natural world is deeply interconnected to be able to survive and flourish. It all needs the other things that make up Nature to survive.

In fact……..I was impressed and a bit frightened by the fact on just how dependant almost every living thing was to everything else. A Flower needs the sunlight and rain to grow. It needs the help of the Bees and insects to pollinate and reproduce. The other plants and trees around it die and produce the nutrients to help feed that flower and help it flourish. And these are just the surface things that Flower needs to survive, grow and multiple.

Removing almost any one of even those basic things will disrupt the Flowers world completely. May even cause the death of that Flower. The death of that Flower will then affect the other plants, insects and life growing around that flower. This INTERCONNECTIVITY is everywhere in the Natural world and life.

But is the most overlooked common denominator in the world! Nothing is an island upon itself. You cannot just say……I will take away these trees and this particular habitat will remain the same. IT WILL NOT.

During my research for the previous posting on what are the most important things for life on our planet, this fact kept returning over and over again. I wasn’t looking for it, nor was I trying to make this observation a theme for anything. But through my research, it would always end up being the prime fact on the destruction of a species, the needs for another species to flourish, or the reason why our Grandiose Plans as mear mortals, would many times fail. We disregard the most common and needed fact in life and the Natural world. The Interconnectivity of all that is there. It takes many things to produce one in Nature. Remove one of those things and you maybe removing not only that one thing (a Flower) but you maybe destroying an entire ecosystem, or special habitat.

The prime reason we have a Department of Natural Resources here in Michigan and every other state in the USA is to look after these intrigue inner connections a healthy and flourishing habitat needs to grow, reproduce and remain healthy. Our Department of Natural Resources jobs are not to find Fun things for us to do in the Natural World. It is not here to try and control the Natural world with an arrogance that Man can rebuild or reconstruct Nature in his own image, his own way, while disregarding the direct connections between all life in the Natural world.

I am not picking on our DNR. I am concerned that the main focus of an Agency we have hired and pay for, has lost it’s way and no longer truly understands the INTERCONNECTIVITY of the Natural World. That should be their only focus and understandings. We can always create a State Department of FUN if need be. Please return to your assignments at hand. They are far more important and needed then a new Water slide, Bike Path, Racing course or any other Nature entertainment. The health of our Natural Resources reflects on the health of our Society. They are all Interconnected.

BE a healthy Outdoors….BE Michigan

So many people want Michigan to BE something else. The “Trails State”, “The Automotive State”, “The Motor City”, etc. Our official State Tag is: The Great Lakes state. And it is this motto that does explain just what Michigan truly is. It is NOT, what us humans have created here. It is NOT what we want to sell to others. It IS what has been our heritage since we became a state in 1837. The Waters, Lakes, Rivers and Streams that all make up the largest collection of fresh water in the world, OUR Great Lakes.

Michigan is all the things that make up those Great Lakes. Healthy Forests and meadows are required to have these Great Lakes. The abundant wild life, Trees and Plants that go along with a healthy outdoor environment. These are the things that define our beautiful state of Michigan. Not the man made Bike Pathways, not the man made created outdoor Recreation. None of those things could exist of not for a healthy environment surrounding them.

There is nothing wrong with Outdoor Recreation. It is something every Michigander has participated in, in some way, for most of their lives. It is embedded into most of our lives. So should the protection of those Natural Resources that make everything else possible.

Think about something for a moment. Who would come to our state and ride our Bike Pathways all around the state, if most of them ran through a collection of Invasive Species, contaminated areas, unhealthy ecosystems and rotting old infrastructures in most of our Parks? Think about it for a moment. That kind of thinking is backwards. Get the state healthy once again, rebuild the infrastructure in our decaying Parks, and nurture the beauties we have had, until recently, with all we can muster.

Do not let Plant, Fish and insect Invaders destroy our Forests and Waterways while we are focused on building new Nature. We are not capable of building new Nature. Nor is leveling off the natural places we have to construct new Recreational joy rides, a logical replacement for a simple healthy Natural Resources based Michigan.

A healthy Michigan means EVERYONE wins. Not just the Critters, trees and Plants, but us humans that enjoy the outdoors. True outdoor Recreation requires a healthy Forest, a Clean Lake and a diverse ecosystem for everyone to have a great Outdoor experience. Not what man can create, build or adjust to suite his supposed needs and wants.


With all the excitement just starting to take place outdoors, there is no better time to head out and blend in. Some of my very best Nature experiences have been while doing nothing. What I mean by that is…….just blending into the scenery.

Frog4Find that Pond, sit quietly, become the frog in that pond and wait. Nature has a way of understanding when we mean no harm and are there to just BE part of everything. Once you have sat and blended into the surrounds, you almost become invisible.

The critters no longer care about your presence there. Birds will go  about their business, and even the plants & trees will forget your there. 🙂 Some of the very best encounters with wildlife and Nature experiences have taken place while I was Being the frog someplace.

This works. Really. Try it. It takes your participation in truly being calm, unconcerned and embracing everything around you. But once you have achieved this state, almost anything can happen. I have had critter wander right up to where I was sitting. Normal Pond behaviour takes place, like I wasn’t even there. It is amazing what can happen when you are no longer a threat to your surroundings. When YOU are now considered a part of what is there and not a visitor or alien.

Try this. It not only will produce wonderful results in what you experience, but it is good for your soul and well being.

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