About BMO

MichiganHumanHandsWe are trying to create a place where all who enjoy and respect the wonders and beauties of our Michigan’s Natural World, can come and read about those Outdoor experiences. We will also be posting info about our Great state of Michigan. The GREAT LAKES STATE!

Bits of History, Outdoor Knowledge, Forest – Waters and Meadows experiences, and Fun things to do with the whole family, here in the state of more Lakes then any other…….MICHIGAN.

The word Michigan comes from an old Chippewa word meaning “the Great Lake”. Thus…..The Great Lakes State.

If you would like to see something here on the site, about Michigan, please let us know. If you would like to write something about our state or your experiences there, please let us know. If writing a regular Posting is what you would like to do, let us know. This Blog is for YOU Michiganders. You Outdoors people who have the respect and love for our Great Lakes State, and keeping it healthy and beautiful for the next Generation too.

This Blog is also a regular extension of the HIKING MICHIGAN NewsLetter. You will see postings from that NewsLetter, present and past. We also will be posting new articles in-between the regular quarterly Issues of the HM NewsLetter. That NewsLetter receives over 20,000 downloads for each quarterly release.

If you have any suggestions, or wish to submit an Article or Posting, please drop[ us an email here:  EMAIL BE MICHIGAN OUTDOORS


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