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I get many, many pictures sent to me or posted on the various Hiking Michigan sites On-line. BEAUTIFUL pictures! But what makes these pictures beautiful? Is it the details in each picture? Is it the perfection in the control of the Camera and it’s settings? Or even the placement of the things that make up the picture?

All of these things do play a certain part in that PERFECT picture, BUT……it is that undefined “THING” that truly makes a picture Beautiful to me. That undefined thing maybe something as simple as the Outdoor spot itself. Or a Bird that is doing more then just sitting there. The Birders seem to be the most critical of their work.

Yes……it is great to see every feather on that close-up shot of a particular bird. BUT….seeing that same bird landing on the edge of a Feeder, or grabbing that insect in mid-flight tells so much more. For me, those are the most beautiful shots.

A couple of local Birders who post regularly, many times, will capture a Bird image as I described, yet still have much criticism of their work. It is great to always be working for perfection in your Camera abilities, but many times, these two individuals have already done that. I am talking about Dr. Bob and new friend Kim.

osprey-in-flight-w-sigHere is a recent picture of an Osprey, flying overhead, carrying some fresh grass to line it’s nest for the evening sleep. It would be one thing to get the picture of the Osprey itself……but to capture an image of it carrying fresh grass for it’s nest, and what kind of grass it traveled almost 2 miles to get special for it’s nest, makes this one of those PERFECT images to me. Beautiful in it’s form, and informative in what it is doing. Kim did an excellent job at grabbing this picture in a moments notice, after spotting the Bird from a distance, Identifying it, setting her Camera up, and then getting the shot. PERFECT!

DrBobHere is one of my many favorites from Dr. Bob. He waited for that moment when the Egret was about to make his dive for the fish below. You can see the intense concentration, the beauty in the stance of this bird. No……we cannot count every feather in this bird, but the perfection in this picture is what the Dr. captured in that very moment of the Egrets hunt. This IS a perfect picture. I know Dr. Bob would disagree. He would have many reasons on what is wrong with his picture. I guess this is Bob striving for better Photography. But in the world of capturing a moment in time and teaching us all a little something about a hunting Egret, This is a PERFECT picture.



So what did Michael shoot here in this picture? I do not see anything specific here. No Dragons or anything specifically overwhelming going on. But there is a feel to this spot by the Lake. He Bushwhacked quite a distance to find this spot. Just the feel of the land and the Lake draws you into this place. And that is what makes this shot a PERFECT picture.

I can understand the goals that many Photographers have at getting better at their craft, or mastering their Camera equipment. But they should not forget that the beauty and perfection is not always in the details of what the Camera has captured, but in what the Photographers eye has seen and then put in the picture for all of us to experience. I consider each of the pictures above, to be an “Experience”. And that is a huge part of the PERFECT picture.

Dr. BOBs Bird Blog               KIMs Nature is My Therapy Blog

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2 responses to “The PERFECT Picture

  • Kim

    ” But they should not forget that the beauty and perfection is not always in the details of what the camera has captured, but in what the photographer’s eye has seen and then put in the picture for all of us to experience.”

    Rob, first let me thank you for making my Osprey photo a part of this post. And I think you make a good point about the value of using not-technically-perfect photos to share an experience. I realized not long ago that I really enjoy other people’s blogs when they share lots of pictures of what they saw on their nature excursions. It helps me imagine myself in their shoes. So I’m trying to do that more on my blog, as you saw with my new post “Sparrow Quest”. Thanks for the much-needed reality check.

    • Hiking Michigan

      I just figured YOU would be a great example for this Blog. Your Pictures are beautiful, Kim, and I guess we all can improve on our technical skills. But You least of all. 🙂 I have noticed the Birders are the hardest on themselves. But I have also noticed that people also want to learn something from these Blog articles, and they do that through the pictures along with the Text. Your Osprey carrying the nesting Grass was a perfect example of that. people could get a wonderful view of a Flying Osprey and also see what kind of grasses they use for their nests. That’s a Perfect Picture. 🙂 Remember that [people are learning outdoor stuff from your Blog postings, and including Photos like that osprey is absolutely perfect along with some text. The data I watch so closely now, tells that tale, over and over again.keep it up!!!!!

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